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About Frightmare Flicks

Frightmare Flicks is one of the most trusted horror film measurement for quality entertainment. As a leader for movie and TV show reviews from critics, Frightmare Flicks offers the a comprehensive guide to what's worth spending your money on or not worth wasting your time to watch. Our Gravestone rating system represents the percentage of positive reviews for films and TV shows and you can trust that our scores are not inflated due to being paid.  Frequent Frightmare Flicks podcasts can be found on FrightmareFlicks.com and YouTube to help with your overall film choice decisions.

The Gravestone rating system - is based on published opinions from in house and the votes from moviegoer ratings following their viewing film and television movies and TV programming from potentially millions of moviegoers.

The Gravestone rating systems represents the percentage of reviews that are positive for a reviewed film or television show.

In order to obtain a superior Gravestone rating of a film or TV show must obtain a score above 80% for a total collection positive reviews and is represented by an undamaged Gravestone.

A good review is denoted by a Gravestone with 3 stars on the gravestone. In order for a movie or TV show to receive an overall rating of good it must be a movie that is rated higher than a 60% of positive votes.

A bad review is denoted by 2 stars on the gravestone that represents that it is below 60% to 50%.

A failing film or TV show will be represented by a 1 star gravestone which represents that it recieved a rating of less than 50%.

What is the Audience Score?

Our ratings are powered by you the audience as a primary source as the consumer is truly the expert.  However, we also use our team of critics to provide a trusted rating of the film.

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